Sydney's Premiere Crane Truck Hire Service

  • Friendly Service
  • Fully Licensed
  • Safety Minded
  • Quality Experience
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Sydney's Premiere Crane Truck Hire Service

Friendly Service
Fully Licensed
Safety Minded
Quality Experience\

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Leading Transport is the preeminent Australian-owned and operated crane truck service. When you need to move something heavy or oversize Leading Transport have you covered with one of the most affordable and accessible crane trucks you’ll find anywhere?

It doesn’t matter what you need to move. Whether it’s air conditioning units, bagged sand and other bulk landscaping supplies, or fabricated steel, our crane truck can take it to its destination quickly and safely.

We are fully licensed and have passed all safety requirements. Leading Transport is your gateway to getting the job done right the first time.

Who We Are

Australian Owned & Operated

Australian Owned & Operated

Leading Transport is a proud Australian Company and we know our industry very well.
About Us
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When you care you deliver great service!

When you choose Leading Transport you will begin to understand we really care.

Caring forms part of our DNA

At Leading Transport we care about our customers and helping them complete their job successfully.
About Us

You can trust Leading Transport

When you trust those who provide you with what you need in business, you remove stress.

We deliver on our promise

We care for your consignment just like our own. You will receive your transported goods just the same as we collected them!
About Us

How we Work

2From Steel Framework To The Most Fragile Of Objects

Sometimes you need to move fabricated steel or you may be carting window frames with pre-fitted glass panels, both of which are specialist jobs which require experience to minimise the chance of challenges that could possibly eventuate along the way. Leading Transport has the experience to ensure your freight is handled professionally with great care and responsibility.

We have the experience you need to make sure whatever it is, is transported from point A to point B and is delivered in the same condition as it was picked up. Our operators are trained to move all types of materials –if you’ve got it, chances are we’ve moved it before. That’s where the experience of Leading Transport helps you make sure the job gets done right.

We Make Moving Goods Hassle-Free

Transporting large, heavy, or awkward materials or objects can be a real challenge. It may be heavy and in the upper floors of a building. It may be somewhere very hard to reach. That’s where having a crane truck is by far the best mode of transport. We can manoeuvre our trucks so they are able to reach whatever you have to move.

In fact, when the going gets tough, we believe a crane truck becomes essential for moving your materials from one place to another. Our team are trained to make it happen and take the worry and stress away.  We give you the peace of mind that the job is going to get done right, first time and on time, no matter how challenging it may be.

Why choose us?

Leading Transport is a proud Australian Company and we know and understand our industry. Challenges which  occur in the transport sector are invariably tied to inexperience. There are several key elements to success in business in Australia, however, the two most essential ingredients are experience and a commitment to service. Leading Transport are absolutely committed to these two elements of success, we are committed to service, really good service and we absolutely have the experience.

It also makes it easier for us to understand our legal obligations, the permits and licensing we need to carry out the transport of your materials using a crane truck.
We are proud of our Australian heritage and know you will be too.

We have both Residential and Commercial Customers.


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At Leading Transport, we will work with anyone for any need they may have. That means if you are a commercial customer, we will be there for you. But is also means we will bring our crane truck out to help all residential customer needs. In other words, if a crane truck will help you, we’ll be there to move it safely and efficiently.  That’s part of our commitment to our customers.

Contact Leading Transport today to get a quote on how much a given job will cost. We’ll look at all the precise details and give you a rock-solid estimate for getting the job done. We are Australia’s Premier Crane Truck Service and are proud to help our friends and neighbours.

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