Bulk Landscape Materials

One of the really wonderful inventions of recent times is the bagging of bulk landscape materials. Traditionally, soil, sand, fertilisers and so on were transported loose either in a ute or a tipper and then had to be tipped at the site somewhere, only to be loaded again into barrows and moved to where they were needed onsite. 

Bulk bagging provided the opportunity of really efficient transport of these materials and when delivered by a crane truck could be positioned as close as possible to where they would be used in your project. Saving often on backbreaking-double handling. The Leading Transport team will listen, and deliver your bulk landscaping materials on time, and where you need them, safely.

The same goes for bagged cement. Every new home needs a lot of cement, and if you are mixing the concrete on site, our crane trucks are the perfect way to pick up and deliver your bagged cement order. And once again, our team is fully trained in the safest ways to load cement onto the truck, so it stays secure.

You can’t go wrong when you use our crane truck to deliver bagged sand or cement to your building site.


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